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Where Norway’s inhospitable winter meets the US’ searing folk tradition, we find Bendik Finborud. (24) Together with his band, the young songwriter plays intimate folk pop, with a Norwegian sound. He writes personal, intimate and genuine lyrics about life as a hopeful, love craving young man, and combines them with heartbreaking and often shamelessly catchy melodies.

Finborud released his first single in October, and his first EP, "Rebel, Rebel" in February 2019. The music feels like a mix between a biting winter depression and a boiling summer high; it’s love and heartbreak, joy and despair, heat and biting Norwegian frost.

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"Rebel, Rebel EP" is out and more music is to come!

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If you can't wait, check out some demos and live tracks on  



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Phone: +47 902 82 421

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